Perusing through the internet and examining websites offered by various segments of the workforce will quickly allow one to realize certain generalizations as to the effectiveness of specific fields of endeavor. Designing a website that is both effective and interactive is as much of an art as it is a science or skill. It becomes quickly apparent that certain professions have a grasp of this concept while other professions are simply still in the dark. While there are exceptions in every field, certain segments of the workforce seem to excel and others are still not comprehending and internalizing the vast potential of a vibrant website.

Advertising firms, as expected, are generally light-years ahead of many other professions. The personal banking & check industry also seem to put great emphasis on internet sophistication. As a matter of fact, the financial community as a whole is much more developed on the internet than many of their cousins in the fields of manufacturing and services. Surprisingly enough, many religious and church organizations have also spent time and energy to create an online presence.

However, many fields still offer sophomoric and rudimentary online presentations. Industries that do not deal with the public tend to be the worst offenders. Those catering to the wholesale market and have a more limited customer base seem to have the least presentable online websites. Construction oriented businesses like lumber companies, electrical firms, plumbing businesses and drywall companies are great examples of those less sophisticated websites.

The field is vast and it is easy to see that the upward potential of those in the website design business have a tremendous opportunity to upgrade the online presence of entire segments of our multifaceted workforce.