Swimming Pools Are Not Yesterdays Hole-In-The Ground

The days of young boys riding their bikes to the swimming hole in the local river or creek are long gone. A swimming pool used to be a liner placed in a hole in the ground and a filter that used tons of chemicals. Today, concept swimming pools are much more the rage. Swimming used to be considered strictly to stay cool and immerse oneself in water. Today, pools are as much for rehabilitation or exercise as they are for strictly entertainment purposes. The technology used in today’s swimming pools has advanced considerably and the effort needed to maintain pools has greatly reduced the hassles usually associated with owning a pool.

The backyard swimming pool will forever be a fixture of fun and entertainment for generations of kids and adults. However, for many of us, access to swimming pools is difficult or unappealing. Monthly gym fees, over-chlorinated water and fighting for lane space in crowded pools make this entire process less fun and more of a hassle. Many companies are now offering pool kits that will put the advantages of owning a pool just steps away without the hassles of using a community or gym pool.

More and more people are intrigued with a concept known as the Endless Pool. This is a small pool with many benefits. Many consumers today realize the benefits of aquatic exercise. For reasons of health and exercise, aquatic therapy, specialized training, family fun and pure enjoyment these pools have much to offer today’s health concerned consumers. The Endless Pool is designed to fit just about anywhere, either inside or outside in the backyard or off the deck. Because this product is modular in it’s design, the parts will fit through any regular size doorway and so it can easily be installed inside. This pool ranges in size from 7 x 12 to 10 x 16 and the water depth can be up to 6 feet deep.

Kits are also available for a swim spa combination. This combines the hydrotherapy spa with a variable speed swim current. A Fastlane pool is designed for customers who simply want to swim. Generally this pool is used simply for exercise and is not fully-landscaped. This pool is moveable so it can be used outside in the summer and moved into a garage or basement in the winter. Packages are also available for a product called Waterwell. This is basically a square pool about chest deep used for aquatic exercise or therapy. Of course, kits are also available for a conventional inground or above-ground pool as well.

Whatever the need or purpose, it is easy to see that there are many possibilities for those looking for alternatives for swimming pools in today’s market. Kits are cost conscience and quite affordable for most consumers. So this summer, stay cool and check out some of these cool kits.

General Observations About Websites

Perusing through the internet and examining websites offered by various segments of the workforce will quickly allow one to realize certain generalizations as to the effectiveness of specific fields of endeavor. Designing a website that is both effective and interactive is as much of an art as it is a science or skill. It becomes quickly apparent that certain professions have a grasp of this concept while other professions are simply still in the dark. While there are exceptions in every field, certain segments of the workforce seem to excel and others are still not comprehending and internalizing the vast potential of a vibrant website.

Advertising firms, as expected, are generally light-years ahead of many other professions. The personal banking & check industry also seem to put great emphasis on internet sophistication. As a matter of fact, the financial community as a whole is much more developed on the internet than many of their cousins in the fields of manufacturing and services. Surprisingly enough, many religious and church organizations have also spent time and energy to create an online presence.

However, many fields still offer sophomoric and rudimentary online presentations. Industries that do not deal with the public tend to be the worst offenders. Those catering to the wholesale market and have a more limited customer base seem to have the least presentable online websites. Construction oriented businesses like lumber companies, electrical firms, plumbing businesses and drywall companies are great examples of those less sophisticated websites.

The field is vast and it is easy to see that the upward potential of those in the website design business have a tremendous opportunity to upgrade the online presence of entire segments of our multifaceted workforce.

Cool Internet Marketing Website Design

There was a redesign of an internet marketing firm’s website this week that grabbed my attention. They are based out of Memphis, TN but it looks like they serve clients from all across the country. They have some decent ones by looking at their portfolio. It looks like they are mainly an SEO firm, but do a variety of other services besides search engine optimization such as web design, social media, and pay per click management. Okay I am not trying to make this blog into something that appears to be promotional, so I am going to get right into why I think this website is cool.

What caught my attention was the quality of the website design. I love a good quality website design and I am in the process of teaching myself. I often frequent websites of web design companies to see their latest work. I went back to HigherVisibility’s website to check out to see if they had made any updates to their portfolio page. What I found was that they actually just redesigned their own website for their business. If you visit their website at HigherVisibility.com, you will notice they make great usage of colors on what probably would have been a drab looking website had they not.

Another really cool thing that I found was the light bulb on their homepage. If you click on one of their services towards the center of the page, the filament of the light bulb will have a new icon appear. that might be one of the coolest subtle website tricks I have have seen in a while. Anyways I thought it was cool enough to blog about. I am always looking for ways to improve the web user experience through website design. I am really working hard to become the best designer I can be. after I feel I have mastered my craft enough, I will need to learn how to use WordPress so that I can improve on the look of my own personal blog.

Best Websites Blog Launch

Welcome to the official Best Websites blog post launch! This is my first post for the Best Websites blog. There will be many more to come. I plan on blogging on a wide range of topics. I don’t like structure, so this blog will be created in the form of my personality. I hope you enjoy reading what I have to write about. I will try and post as often as possible. I do have a day job, so time can be limited.